Our Products

We're always building products to help improve the digital ecosystem. Here's a small sample of what we've built and open sourced.

Kipchak by Mamluk A Rapid API Development Kit (ADK)

Named after the family of the Mamluk Sultanate of Cairo, Kipchak is a modern, lightweight API development toolkit written in PHP. It is designed to help you build fast, production-ready APIs using simple, expressive syntax. Kipchak is free and Open Source under the MIT License, powered by Slim and NIGNX Unit, container-ready and tested on multiple clouds and Kubernetes distributions. It is battle tested to serve thousands of concurrent API requests with minimal CPU usage. It's the perfect choice for your next API project.

Kipchak by Mamluk

Aybak A Bring Your Own Load Balancer (BYOLB) toolkit for Kubernetes

Named after the first Mamluk Sultan Izz al-Din Aybak, Aybak was born out of the necessity to efficiently manage distributed clusters when Cloud Native load balancers are simply not good enough. With Mamluk, you can use a custom HA proxy deployment as a Kubernetes aware load balancer, which means it will keep track of the IPs of your worker nodes as the cluster scales up or down.

Aybak by Mamluk

Qutuz by Mamluk Declarative GeoDNS with Zilore On the Command line and in your CI / CD pipelines

Named after the third Sultan of the Mamluk Sultanate, Sultan Saif al-Din Qutuz, Qutuz is a command line interface for the Zilore DNS service. It allows you to declaratively define your GeoDNS records in a YAML file and then apply them to your Zilore account. It ensures that the state of the domain, records, geodns records and the failover records matches what is in the YAML file, and it removes what is not in the YAML file from Zilore. In other words, everyone can now do GeoDNS like an expert.

Qutuz by Mamluk