Our Brands

Mamluk operates serveral digital brands and services across the globe.
We're a small team of developers and entrepreneurs but we're to help and make an impact for the better.
Across the world. Especially in the Islamic world.

7x An API Marketplace for Developers

An API marketplace that provides highly available APIs for the data you need to build your web and mobile applications. There is no need to spend long hours sourcing data and designing databases. Leverage our experience and focus on what you do best - building your applications.

7x API Marketplace

Bahriya The world's first Edge Container Platform

Named after the elite regiment of the Mamluks of Cairo, we've set out to build the world's first Distributed Container as a Service (DCaaS) Cloud. Bahriya is a fully distributed, managed, and comes with standard features like GeoDNS and distributed storage, making it ready for developers and businesses alike to go from zero to production in minutes. Built in the Islamic world, Bahriya will offer premium discounts for Islamic and non-profit projects. Sign up today to avail early access and lifetime discounts.

Bahriya - Edge Container Platform

Islamic Network A Network of free Digital Islamic Applications and APIs

Our journey began with Islamic Network in 2013. Today, Islamic Network offers a network of free APIs and Applications to the Islamic Community. We serve up to 40 million API requests a day to network of over 1500 developers. We support Free and Open Source projects and much of the work done on 7x and Bahriya has been part of learnings and enhancement for Islamic Network.

Islamic Network