Digital Knighthood. Exemplified.

On-Premise and in the Cloud.

Cloud Strategy, CloudOps and API Strategy. All done with chivalry and honour. The way all things should be done. That's Mamluk.

Cloud Strategy

There's more to the cloud than just AWS, GCP & Azure. Find the right fit & budget for your needs by leveraging our expertise with cloud providers and alternatives like Oracle, Akamai Cloud, Digital Ocean and Vultr.


Not everyone needs Terraform and Jenkins. There are more efficient alternatives to automating your cloud operations, and the right CloudOps toolkit can help you get the most from your Cloud Strategy.

API Strategy

APIs are the foundation of the digital ecosystem. Leverage our experience to define a strategy and implement tools help you build a stable foundation for your business.

Digital expertise backed by decades of experience

A Better Digital

We have decades of experience in the digital space. We've been through the evolution from VPS to Cluster to Cloud. We've seen the rise of APIs & the evolution of the API Economy. We've lived through the DevOps and CloudOps movements. It's become complicated. We're here to help you navigate the complexity and get the most from your digital investments.

Develop & Scale.
We maintain dozens of Open Source Projects with hundreds of forks and stars. We run dozens of online services & serve a billion plus requests a month. We operate and build distributed systems at scale to enable all this. Learn from our experience.
Secure your cloud and optimise your costs.
We can show you how to secure your cloud infrastructure and optimise your costs. We can help you build a secure foundation for your business. And we'll show you how to do it across multiple cloud providers so you can make an educated decision.
An API strategy built to last.
If you work for an enterprise, sometimes it's hard to imagine a world where you don't have to keep rewriting your software. An API strategy can make this a reality. We can help you build a strategy and an implementation plan that just works. We've done it before, so it's not just theory for us.
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